…are  important in our work to equip and empower teen moms.

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Teen Moms

…welcome to CHLOE! We are here for you.

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…have a profound impact on the future of teen moms and their children.

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CHLOE is truly one of the most fulfilling organizations I have ever been a part of.  Since I started volunteering with CHLOE I have continued to find great joy in the work.  The girls truly value the safe place that is created.  Hearing them communicate about the comfort, support and encouragement they find through CHLOE brings me so much joy.  I have made personal connections with many of the teen moms and their children, they are the reason I continue to give of my time and effort.  I hope and pray that through my support and encouragement, I can help these moms reach their individual goals and furthermore provide a more fulfilling life for their children.

Jen Whitt


Through my wife’s elementary-school teaching we became familiar with the tremendous challenges faced by single mothers and their children.  For years we have wanted to find a way to assist.  CHLOE offers us an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these two groups of young people with great needs.  We believe we have been led to CHLOE by God

Rick Raymond

Board President

I believe that when pregnant teens or young moms engage in services at CHLOE, they will find the support, confidence, and resources needed to achieve their goals. I am excited for these young women to see their potential, have a support system of peers, and continue being great mothers!.

Mandie Mensah

Board Secretary