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Become a Mentor

CHLOE’s Mentoring Program is a structured program for pregnant teens and teen moms between 13 and 21. As a mentor to a young mom, you will meet with your mentee on a consistent basis to provide guidance and support to encourage her to reach her goals for parenting and self-sufficiency.

Your first step toward becoming a Mentor is to attend a Young Mom Connection event to gain understanding of CHLOE’s  mission and vision including an overview of the Mentor program. Young Mom Connection Sessions are held the second Tuesday of each month at our Resource Center.


Young Mom Connections Volunteer

Young Mom Connections (YMC) Event volunteers attend our YMC events the first and third Tuesdays of the month. These events are designed to provide a safe space for young mothers and their children to engage in meaningful programing to support their growth and development as a parent.


At a YMC Event, volunteer opportunities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing a meal for our young mothers and their children

  • Facilitating group lessons

  • Provide child care

  • Event Set Up/Tear Down


CHLOE's Closet Volunteer

CHLOE’s closet is our baby boutique for our young mother’s to redeem baby and parenting items to support their growth and success.

As a CHLOE’s Closet volunteer you may assist in:

  • Closet organization and cleaning

  • Inventory and restocking

  • Assisting mother’s in shopping


Social Media Team

CHLOE is constantly seeking volunteers to lend their social media talents to assist in developing our social media presence.


As a part of our Social Media Team, you could assist with:

  • Managing our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest page(s)

  • Developing content for our social media platforms

  • Development and marketing of social media events for CHLOE Moms or fundraisers

  • Utilizing social networking to assist in program awareness



Fundraising is an important part of our organization that allows us to continue to provide meaningful and quality programing to help our young moms.


As a part of our Fundraising Team you may assist with:

  • Volunteering at upcoming CHLOE fundraising events

  • Development of fundraising events

  • Marketing of upcoming fundraising events

  • Networking with potential partners, donors and sponsors


Program Development

CHLOE offers a variety of programs to empower and equip young mothers in our community. We are continually expanding our current programing and developing novel programs to continue to our mission.


As a Program Development volunteer you may assist with:

  • Expanding on existing CHLOE programs

  • Assisting in development of new programs to serve young mothers and their children

  • Assist in grant writing to obtain funds for program development or program expansion


I.T. Services

At CHLOE, we are always looking for volunteers to meet our technology needs!


CHLOE could use I.T. Service such as:

  • Managing organizational infrastructure (gsuite, etc.)

  • Providing support to administrators as well as volunteer staff

  • Developing strategies to expand and advance CHLOE’s utilization of technology

  • On-boarding and educating incoming volunteers


Web Development

As we continue to grow, we are seeking knowledgeable volunteers to assist us in maintaining our web presence to expand our reach and impact to young mothers in the community.


Web Development assistance may include:

  • Maintain CHLOE web presence

  • Support and education volunteers

  • Development of future online presence


Graphic Design

Help us share our mission using your creative talents!


As a Graphic Design volunteer, you may lend your skills to assist in:  

  • Providing graphic design services for digital and print mediums



Are there other ways you’d like to help? Let us know!