Board of Directors


Richard Raymond, President

Before retiring, Richard’s career included 38 years in Vice Presidential positions at two universities and administrative positions at a third. When Richard and his wife, Inger, experienced difficulties in their lives, some amazingly good and generous people offered help. Inger taught young children at a public school for nearly 20 years in a neighborhood with numerous families with significant problems including single young single moms with young children, many of whom were not well nurtured. She often learned their stories. When the Raymond’s learned about CHLOE, their hearts were stirred and they felt compelled to join in to help the moms and children who needed to feel the love of Christ, and friends who can help them during their critical times, in the same way they were helped by others through theirs. Richard and Inger have worked with CHLOE for 12 years.


Primula Rajakumar, Vice President

CHLOE Board Member


Amanda Mensah, Secretary

Amanda is a licensed social worker. She currently works as a counselor in a high school but has past experience doing community and residential social work. She was connected with CHLOE through the CEO, Connie Nafziger, and has served in some role with CHLOE for the past 5 years. Through her personal and professional life, Amanda has noticed the importance of supporting pregnant and parenting teens. There are many systems, structures and barriers stacked against these women and CHLOE is providing opportunities to overcome these challenges. Amanda believes the more community and systems empower all type of mothers, the more our collective society will succeed. Amanda and her husband welcomed their first child in 2018. In addition to her job, Amanda loves traveling, reading (preferably where it’s warm and on a beach) and spending time with her family and friends over a good meal or playing card games.


Brittney Caldwell

CHLOE Board Member


Krystin Grooms

CHLOE Board Member


2019 CHLOE Inc. Intern


Beyla Hood

Beyla attends the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University. She will spend this spring with CHLOE Inc. helping to further our mission of empowering young mothers. Beyla will graduate from the College of Social Work in May 2019. Beyla also works as a mentor of OSU-COLUMBUS Campus Change and is a student ambassador at the College of Social Work.