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CHLOE Mom Profile: Alisha

We love shining the spotlight on our amazing CHLOE Moms! Meet CHLOE Mom, Alisha. Alisha is 21 years old and an amazing young woman and mother. She has been through a tremendous amount of challenges in her life including the loss of her father, father-in-law and her mother having a heart-attack. Alisha experienced more heart-aches than most, many taking place within the same year of 2016.

While in college and working (often multiple jobs), she discovered she was pregnant. Despite it all, she has never given up on her dream of being a perinatologist, while being an amazing mom to her 10 month old son and powerful partner to her fiancé all while maintaining a positive and inspiring attitude. Alisha is currently a nursing student at Fortis College and working full time. She wants to work in maternal-fetal because she loves "helping people" and "I love babies."

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment: "Not giving up."

What are your goals in the next 10 years?: "becoming a perinatologist, [...] in 10 years I'll probably be in residency," also "married."

"My goal is to go on one vacation a year", future vacation plans including Myrtle Beach, Japan and a cruise! Alisha says, "life is too short to not be enjoying it," and she's so right!

What are some misconceptions you think people have about young mothers?: "That they're not able to do things for themselves [...] that their kids don't have things, or that they'll keep getting pregnant [...] that they just can't do anything." Clearly, Alisha has crushed that misconception with all that she does for her and her family!

How has CHLOE impacted you?: "I love CHLOE! [...] I like the support, the topics we talk about, I get into it [...] I come back and talk to my fiancé about it". Alisha says, "The girls become friends, we take our kids out [...] I'm normally a reserved person [...] it's gotten me out of my shell." CHLOE "helped me dramatically with things for [my son] Jayden [...] he wouldn't of had what he has [...] I was going through so much at the time, CHLOE helped me get back up when I needed it."

What inspirational message would you like to share with other moms?: "As hard as life gets, you always have your little one [...] that looks up to you [...] we have to be better to give them a better life."

What does it mean to you to be a mom?: "I never knew I could have so much love for a person."

What is your proudest mommy moment?: "When he first started talking and said mommy first [...] I was ecstatic!"

Alisha and her fiancé have overcome so much including homelessness, job loss, but have survived it all. They are now living independently, have their own vehicles, working and in school all while being patient and kind parents.

Thank you Alisha for letting us feature! We are so proud of you, you are a true inspiration, and we are so glad to call you a CHLOE Mom!!

You and our CHLOE Moms are why we do what we do ❤️


CHLOE Mom Profile: Shakura

Shakura is a mom of two beautiful boys and just began a new job in a sales position. Shakura shared about her new job, “It’s challenging, but it motivates me [...] I like challenging myself [...] pushing myself to limits I never knew I had.”

We asked Shakura, What is life like for you now?: “Life is hectic, because I feel like I’m going through a lot of things now, but learning [...] I would consider this part of my life right now the makings of me, figuring out what I like and don’t like; what works and doesn't work.”

What are you most proud of for the last year?: “Maturing, the way I keep going, the situations I used to trip over I step over them now.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: “I am going to have a degree, starting to settle down [...] Own my own home, own my own car, possibly a business and own a degree.”

What is your inspirational life mantra: “My kiddos [...] they inspire me to be great [...] and they always tell me, ‘mom you’re such a good mom’, or ‘mom you’re the best’ [...] they always inspire me to want more, rather than just settle [...] whatever example I am setting for them I see them put that forth into their own little lives [...] whatever I teach them they apply it.”

Thank you Shakura for being the amazing and strong mom and woman that you are!! We love you and are proud to call you a CHLOE Mom!

Thank you for sharing with us!



CHLOE Volunteer Profile: Beth

How long have you been a volunteer with CHLOE?: “Since we started as the teen moms group. I was in charge of crafts at the beginning.”

What is your favorite things to do or responsibility as a volunteer?: “I love doing craft projects with the moms and with the kids. My responsibility now is the child care for the YMC meetings.”

 Why do you volunteer for Chloe?: “I believe that working with the kids and their moms is part of the mission God’s given me.”

Can you share a positive memory or success story you’ve seen with one of the moms or families?: “When I started working with the kids, we had a couple of kids that would get so angry they wouldn’t really participate. When I would pull out the markers and paper, they were different children - they wanted to join in. We started with the markers, then reading “Pete the Cat” and “I’ve Got Two Dogs”.  After a while, they were not only participating in play, crafts and reading, but helping with the cleanup, too :)”

Thank you Beth for all you do for CHLOE!


Stay Tuned!

We Look forward to profiling more of our CHLOE moms and volunteers!