Connect with one of these great opportunities!


  • Donate small gifts for our teen moms for: Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations
  • Provide a meal: Teen Mom Connection gathering (25+ people), Teen Peer Advisory Council meeting (6-8 people)
  • Prayer team: Receive prayer requests and updates regarding our teen moms and their children… Face Book group
  • Chloe’s Closet:  Help keep our Closet well stocked.
  • General support: Designated time to come to our CHLOE Resource Center with office related tasks.
  • Web Developer or Designer
    • Familiar with WordPress
    • Update website, plugins, updates
  • Office Support:
    • Assist with mailings, filing, assembling program materials, stuffing envelopes, etc.
  • Hospitality:
    • Host a CHLOE event in your home
    • Share the mission of CHLOE with your circle of friends and invite them to support the work.

Teach a Life Skills class at a Teen Moms Connection Meeting

  • Teach our teen moms a talent, hobby or skill at a Teen Mom Connection gathering.
  • Liaison
    • Represent CHLOE to your church, sorority, social service agency, or community group.
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Encourage financial support and participation in fundraising events
  • Provide a professional service for our teen moms and their kids such as medical, dental, vision, hair care and more!
  • Help out with annual 5K and other special events/fundraisers.

Take the next step to share in the following committed opportunities. Please download an application to get started.

  • Childcare: (Application form) Babysit the children of CHLOE teen moms at our site while moms are:
    • participating in Teen Mom Connections (1st or 3rd Tuesday 5:45 pm -8:15pm)
    • receiving study help at our Learning Lab (times vary)
  • Study Help: (Application form) Assist teen with her homework or study for exams (teens scheduled by appointment).
  • Transport: Take a teen mom to and from CHLOE events or appointments.
  • Mentor: (Application form) Develop a meaningful relationship with a teen mom that will provide encouragement as she journeys toward self-sufficiency. Women only please.


Attend a Connection Session on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7:00-8:00 pm to learn more about each of these opportunities. These sessions are held at the CHLOE Resource Center located at 1729 Durbridge Rd. Columbus, OH 43229. To reserve a spot at one of these sessions, please contact us!

“Your brain is growing at a rapid rate during adolescence. There’s a lot of emotion, confusion, thrill seeking. It’s a time when you try a lot of things and make a lot of mistakes. We all went through it. But in this neighborhood, there’s not a lot of maneuverability. There’s not a lot of room for teens to make mistakes, and the mistakes have higher consequences. To make things worse, adolescence seems to be prolonged here. Many young people in the community view adolescence as a pinnacle, and not a stage. Girls become mothers at a young age. Fathers are absent, so young boys are forced to act like men.

size_550x415_CC Teen Mother with Baby (TS Fall 2012) So what you have are adolescents who become authority figures, and spread the adolescent mindset through the community. Instead of thinking through a conflict, young men feel a social pressure to immediately react, so they don’t appear ‘soft’ or ‘weak.’ That’s one of the reasons I feel that mentorship programs are so important. They give adolescents a space to remain adolescents.” – HONY