Learning Lab

CHLOE’s Learning Lab provides study help and childcare for enrolled teen moms. We are committed to helping achieve their educational aspirations.

Teen moms live on a slippery slope, too many slip into poverty, despair and abuse with their children in tow. One of the primary entanglements that create disparities for teen moms is lack of education. Teen moms are caught in a web of life changes, physical and emotional upheaval and a myriad of options to prioritize.  Keeping up with school work, too often slides off the grid. Recognizing that only half of teen moms receive a high school education by age 20, we are compelled to take action.



  1.  A teen mom or her mentor may schedule a 1-2 hour study session by contacting our office.
  2. CHLOE staff arranges for both a study partner and childcare volunteer for the assigned time. Study help occurs at our Resource Center.
  3. CHLOE points are earned according to study time completed.