Chloe’s Closet

closetThe ‘Closet’ is our mini boutique, stocked with infant and toddler clothing, diapers, blankets, bedding, small equipment and other necessities needed to care for little ones. The variety and selection is based on donations received.

We know it is a challenge for teen moms to provide for their children; keeping them clothed, fed and nurtured as they would like.

Teen moms enrolled in our Teen Mom Connections program  have many opportunities to earn Chloe Points

  • Attending our meetings
  • Bringing another teen mom, as a guest
  • Participating in activities
  • Getting health check-ups for you and your children
  • Scoring well on a test at school
  • Meeting your personal goals
  • … and more

The points earned are exchanged for ‘Chloe Cash’ to purchase things items from Chloe’s Closest!  No real cash required or accepted.

We accept new and very gently used items and gift cards to stock Chloe’s Closet.

Chloe’s Closet is a resource exclusively to those enrolled CHLOE Teen MOPS

Closet Current Needs:

For Infants & Children:

– Diapers sizes 4 & 5

– Books


For Teen Moms:

– Hygiene supplies

– Gas cards