Board of Directors

President – Richard Raymond

R0_0_0_0_107_143_csupload_45232550etired, having served as CFO of both Heidelburg & Mount Vernon University

“Through my wife’s elementary-school teaching we became familiar with the tremendous challenges faced by single mothers and their children. For years we have wanted to find a way to assist. CHLOE offers us an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these two groups of young people with great needs. We believe we have been led to CHLOE by God”

Vice President – Primula Rajakumar

Primula“It is by divine appointment that I met Connie. The more I heard Connie’s heart as she spoke, my need to get involved with CHLOE became strong. I was very humbled when I was asked to join the board. I am excited to be a part of this endeavor to equip young moms to achieve their true potential.”

Cindi Feldner, CPA… Treasurer

0_0_0_0_145_181_csupload_45232236Cost Accounting Manager, Motorists Mutual Insurance Company

“As a former single mother, I am passionate about helping young mothers gain self-confidence, increase financial literacy and improve their career opportunities.”

Amanda “Mandie” Sugg Mensah

Mail AttachmentLicensed Social Worker, Service Coordinator

“I believe that when pregnant teens or young moms engage in services at CHLOE, they will find the support, confidence, and resources needed to achieve their goals. I am excited for these young women to see their potential, have a support system of peers, and continue being great mothers!”


Pam Streator-Dixson

Pam Dixson