Our Commitment … We empower young moms to become self-sufficient, resilient and adaptable; preventing and breaking cycles of poverty through mentorship, education and safe haven in our community.

Statement of Faith … CHLOE was born of a heart committed to serving others in a way that honors God, above all. This work is grounded in nurturing others in a holistic and grace filled manner. We educate and train, mindful of the core longings to be loved, to have purpose, to be understood, to be secure, and to belong. Each person served is treated with respect and neither coerced nor required to accept the tenants of faith that constitute the infra-structure of this work. They are instead offered a safe place to experience grace and be in relationship with mature women who model integrity and are passionate about helping others reach their best potential.

* CHLOE, Inc is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt charitable organization